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Solar plastic recycling



We make eco-friencly machines and products using human force and sun energy.

Our Mission is to exploit the maximum of sun thermal energy for plastic recycling.

We create ethically and ecologically new, sustainable and effective processes.

Our unique processes allow anyone to create new products using plastic in a way that is clean and environmentally friendly.

Our know-how is open source.


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Mar 21, 2022

What’s Solar plastic Recycling ?

Solar plastic recycling is the most environmentally friendly way to recycle plastic using solar thermal energy to melt the plastic. Introduction Every year in the world the plastic waste represents 245 Megatons, only 16% is recycled, 22% is incinerated with energy recovery and 62% is landfilled and incinerated without energy recovery. Plastic recycling is the reprocessing of plastic waste into new and useful products. When performed correctly, this can reduce dependence on landfill, conserve resources and protect the environment from plastic pollution. Read more
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