We're committed to using cutting-edge technologies to turn plastic waste into valuable resources. Our approach includes advanced 3D modeling, solar thermal technology, manual injection, 3D resin printing for injection molds, as well as the use of NFC and NFT to track and optimize our processes. Learn more about our innovative solutions for sustainable plastic recycling on this page.

Solar termal

Solar thermal technology is used to melt plastic with the power of the sun, using glass vacuum chambers. 


3D Modeling

3D modeling is a crucial technology that allows us to design the shapes of solar plastic recycling products, molds, and machines with precision and efficiency.

Manual Injection

 Manual injection involves the use of portable manual presses. The production of injection machines makes use of a maximum of standard components existing in the market.



 The molds used in Sun Made's solar plastic recycling process are created through resin 3D printing technology.

Near Field Connection

 Today, almost all smartphones are equipped with NFC technology, which enables objects made of recycled plastic to become smart utilities by connecting to the web or content digital information.

NFC Products


 With the use of NFTs, we can create unique digital representations of our recycled plastic objects, capturing their individuality through the blockchain. Each NFT represents a physical object that is one-of-a-kind due to the unique properties of the recycled plastic used. Through the use of NFTs, we can create a new level of transparency and traceability for sustainable products.

Sun Made NFT's