What is a Sun Factory ?

A Sun Factory is self-sufficient recycling center powered by solar thermal energy that can transform plastic waste into durable products while empowering local communities. It is part of the Sun-made project, which aims to provide an innovative solution to the global plastic waste problem by promoting sustainable practices and the circular economy. Sun Factories can be built anywhere in the world using plans, kits, and materials provided by Sun-made and are operated by local communities trained in plastic recycling techniques.

 Sun Factory Process  How to start a Sun Factory 

Sun Factory's activities

You can create your own workshop by choosing the activities that interest you from our list.


  • Demonstration

  • The demonstration activity is designed to showcase the solar plastic recycling process in action. Our expert team will show you the various stages of the process, from sorting plastic waste to transforming it into useful products. This activity is a great opportunity to see firsthand how our technology works and learn more about the potential of solar plastic recycling.

  • Collecting plastic 

  • We will collect plastic from nearby natural areas such as fields, forests, and beaches. This will be a great opportunity to contribute to environmental preservation and learn about the impact of plastic pollution on our planet.

  • Identifying Plastic

  • Identification of plastics is done by their symbols or physical characteristics. Our workshop activity will teach you how to properly identify different types of plastics.

  • Practice the process solar recycling process

  • During the Practice the Process activity, participants will have the opportunity to take an active role in the plastic recycling process by learning how to use the equipment and machinery necessary to transform collected plastic waste into new, usable products.

  • Make the machines

  • Participants can create the machines needed for solar plastic recycling, including a solar concentrator, metal cartridges, and a manual injection machine.

  • Design molds 

  • In this module, we will explore the shapes achievable through molding and the guidelines for successfully creating an injection mold. A fundamental knowledge of 3D modeling is required to fully participate in this module.

  • 3D printing molds 

  • In this chapter, we will learn how to use and operate a resin-based 3D printer, as well as the post-processing techniques for printed objects. The focus will be on creating molds for plastic injection using 3D printing technology. 
  • Learn this activities

How to start a Sun Factory ?

To build a Sun Factory, you can rely on the documentation and kits provided by Sun-made. The first step is to get in touch with our team. We can provide you with the necessary information and support to get started on your project. From there, we can help you with everything from selecting the right location to designing and constructing the solar-powered machines for plastic recycling. With our guidance, you can build a self-sustaining and environmentally friendly Sun Factory that will help to reduce plastic waste and empower local communities.

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Where to find a Sun Factory ?

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